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Service 1st Financial Aligns with Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

Updated: Jun 16, 2022


Service 1st Financial, LLC

BETHESDA, MD, March 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ - As the future of work continues to evolve, many employees are still working from home and expect a level of permanence to this arrangement. As a result, a new definition of home comfort is emerging. Today, Service 1st Financial, LLC ("Service 1st”), a disruptive financial technology company serving residential home services contractors, and Dynamic Air Quality Solutions (“Dynamic”), the industry’s leading provider of residential and commercial indoor air quality (“IAQ”) technologies, announced a strategic alliance to deliver enhanced worry-free home comfort solutions to contractors.

Installing the right combination of heating and air conditioning equipment paired with IAQ products and smart controls is only part of what today’s consumers are demanding. Service 1st’s Premier ProgramTM delivers a worry-free service for homeowners to replace and upgrade their heating and cooling systems for a low monthly payment, while eliminating the common pain points associated with owning, maintaining, and repairing such systems. As an added benefit, Dynamic’s full line of whole house IAQ products, including but not limited to, polarized media air cleaners, high output UVC and UVV air purification systems, bypass HEPA filters, and steam humidification systems, provide cleaner, fresher, and healthier air to deliver the ultimate worry-free home comfort experience.

“The ease with which Dynamic’s scientifically-proven IAQ products can be included in the Premier Program provides a significant opportunity for incremental growth for our customers,” said Steve Mores, Dynamic’s Divisional President. “The majority of IAQ products are sold and installed by technicians on service and maintenance calls. Selling IAQ with the original system sale is a large opportunity that often gets overlooked. By offering the Premier Program, our contractors will experience significantly higher IAQ attachment rates on system sales, resulting in true incremental sales and margin growth, while providing customers a compelling worry-free home comfort experience for years to come.”

Contractors will benefit from the collaboration between Service 1st and Dynamic by improving key performance measures that drive business growth and long-term value. Premier Program authorized contractors are experiencing significant increases in average ticket, developing 10+ year customer relationships with maintenance agreements, earning substantial recuring revenue, and securing the first call on the next replacement.

Service 1st VP of Business Development, Tom Towe, added, “Our alliance with Dynamic excites me because of the strong alignment between our organizations in terms of innovation, contractor training, and a laser focus on contractor success. We look forward to educating current and future Dynamic contractors on the benefits of this strategic alliance and how it can help differentiate them in today’s rapidly changing and increasingly competitive home services market.”

About Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

Since 1982, Dynamic Air Quality Solutions has been the leader in designing, manufacturing, and distributing IAQ products to the commercial and residential markets through authorized HVAC contractors. Our products are scientifically proven to work, not only in a lab, but in the application for which they are designed. We create an IAQ culture and provide ongoing world-class technical and communication training for contractors so their teams understand and believe in our products and can communicate IAQ challenges and solutions in plain language on every call. Partner with us and enjoy the benefits of The Science of Clean Air.

About Service 1st Financial

Based in Bethesda, Maryland, Service 1st Financial, LLC is a leading financial technology, innovation, and training company serving residential home service contractors in the United States. Our Premier Program is offered through independent contractors on a full portfolio of home comfort products, including HVAC systems, IAQ products, tank and tankless water heaters, water purification systems, and standby generators. Service 1st is the only independent, unconflicted provider of comprehensive worry-free home comfort programs in the industry.

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Media Contacts:

Tom Towe, VP of Business Development,, 240.800.7568

Steve Mores, Divisional President,, 630.417.4998

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