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Fujitsu General Announces Premier Program Partnership

PINE BROOK, N.J. — Originally Published by ACHR News -

Fujitsu General America Inc. has partnered with Service 1st Financial LLC to offer the Premier Program to its contractor partners. This partnership allows Fujitsu contractors to provide homeowners with a home comfort-as-a-service leasing option for their residential heating and cooling needs. The Premier Program is a service for homeowners to replace and upgrade their heating and cooling equipment for a low monthly payment while eliminating the common pain points associated with owning, maintaining, and repairing such systems.

Delivered through a comprehensive, user-friendly platform, the Premier Program is supported by on-site sales training. According to Fujitsu, contractors that utilize the Premier Program experience improved financial performance from higher close rates, increased average tickets, and profitable recurring revenue. Each Premier Program installation also features a long-term maintenance agreement which can improve customer retention, secure annual cross-sell opportunities, and place the installing contractor first in line for the next replacement sale.

Each Premier Program installation includes 24/7 priority scheduling, annual preventative maintenance, air filter replacements, and covered emergency repairs while eliminating trip, diagnostic, and overtime fees. This partnership promotes the shared sustainability goals of Fujitsu and Service 1st.

“The home comfort industry is a significant contributor to carbon emissions worldwide. It’s our responsibility to encourage consumers to make planet-friendly purchasing decisions,” said Anuj Khanna, founder, and CEO of Service 1st. “Replacing old home comfort systems earlier, making high-efficiency products more financially accessible, and ensuring annual maintenance is performed are key contributors to reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. Together, Fujitsu contractors and the Premier Program can deliver on these critically important goals.”

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