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Worry-Free Home Comfort That Boosts Your Business!

See why contractors are buzzing about the Premier Program.

Consumer buying behavior is changing. Don't be the next Blockbuster or Kodak! Book a meeting now!

Every day we help contractors like you use the Premier Program to 

Contractors choose the Premier Program because...

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Enhanced Close Rates, Revenue, & Profitability.

By delivering customers greater value, our contractors are experiencing increased close rates and average tickets.

Increased Customer Retention.

Long-term maintenance agreement on every Premier Program sale and an improved customer experience

Competitive Differentiation.

In a mature consumer market, it's hard to differentiate yourself from the competition.  Our contractor partners stand out from the crowd.

The Right Partner.

We've been doing this for a while now.  We always put our contractors and their customers first.  We also have the best sales training and support in the industry.

Brand Agnostic.

We don't limit you to a single equipment brand.  We believe in giving you flexibility to run your business.

Trade Agnostic.

The Premier Program is available on HVAC, Water Heaters (tanked and tankless), Water Purification Systems, and Standby Generators.

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Consumers are asking, owners are seeking, and sales reps are loving the P remier Program!


Percent of consumers are "demanding new consumption models including subscribing, sharing, and leasing - anything except buying a product outright."

- The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2014

And we're trusted by the industry's best!

Darius Lyvers

Chief Operations Officer


“The Premier Program is the next evolution in residential replacement sales. We’re either going to adapt, or we’re going to get left behind. With the top-notch sales training and support provided by Service 1st, I feel strongly that this program should be a core strategic initiative for any well-run home services contracting business seeking to profitably grow now and differentiate itself in the years to come.”

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We're rapidly expanding the Premier Program and are interested in partnering with the best home services contractors.  If that's you, please reach out!

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